Avoiding Extra Council Tax Charges

Posted by on March 26, 2015

You may be paying too much for your council tax, here’s why. The Council tax system was established in 1993. As part of this system every property was evaluated on a scale of A to H.

Since this time though many of the evaluations have changed alongside the varying value of properties over time. Because of this your property may have been given a different evaluation, but your council tax charge has not been updated with it.

It’s wise to contact your local council to see which band you may have been moved into. If you have been moved you could see your council tax charges dropped considerably.

Also check with your neighbours and see what they are paying. If they are paying less then it’sĀ possible that they’ve been re-evaluated, which means your property should be too.

Also as a side note, thereĀ could be discounts and exemptions for your council tax. Again, check with your local council to see if your property is or has become eligible for these.

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