Beginning a Career as a Chartered Accountant

Posted by on February 26, 2015

Chartered accountancy is a prestigious profession which can give you a whole host of options in life. You have the potential as a chartered accountant to earn a key position in any organisation on the planet, in any sector of the economy. You could be hired by governments from around the world, some of the biggest companies around the world, or you could gain a position as an accountant in any number of smaller organisations.

Getting a qualification for chartered accountancy has a number of routes which you can choose from, some of them offering a faster course than others. You could go to university and study accountancy, but after that you’ll have still have to go through additional training in order to get the ACA qualification and get recognised by ICAEW. Once you’ve finished getting your qualification you could be seeing as much as £40,000 to begin, with the potential to reach into the hundreds of thousands.

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