Business Social Media Predictions For 2017

Business Social Media Predictions For 2017

Posted by on May 25, 2017

Social media has become a big tool for businesses, but the way it’s used is constantly changing. 2017 looks to be a big year for social media changes and trends, here’s a few predictions about how it might change over the year.

Using Targeted Spending

Targeted spending is being used more and more. The old ways of reaching users using specialised algorithms limits is limiting the amount of people that see adverts and posts. In 2017 businesses should start investing into native ads and promoted posts to reach a larger audience. This method is highly targeted and easy to track a return on investment.

Increase of Digital Advertising Prices

Digital advertising is extremely popular, and as a result is becoming more expensive to use. There is already a major trend in the surge of digital ad prices, and it’s only set to get bigger. This trend particularly will be straining on smaller companies, that may not have the money to invest in digital advertising.

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