Encouraging a Staff Member To Learn New Business Skills

Encouraging a Staff Member To Learn New Business Skills

Posted by on March 17, 2017

It’s often the case that certain roles in business are left to the staff members who have a natural ability in that department. While this is a common and obvious way of allocating business skills, it is not an efficient long term solution. Training staff in new skills, even if they are already proficient at their current roles, prepares a business for future growth and expansion.

It may be difficult to encourage staff members who are already skilled in what they do to learn extra skills. It may even seem like a strange prospect for a staff member who is working well to be encouraged to learn more. However, with the right incentives in place and an understanding that it is for the growth of the business that they are involved in, it can be easier to show a staff member the benefits of doing so.

There are always new skills that a staff member can learn, here are a few beneficial examples:

  • Opening conversations and presenting business propositions to others.
  • Effective questioning , listening, relationship building and influencing skills.
  • Handling objections and gaining commitment towards personal development.
  • Negotiating mutually beneficial business solutions.