Work Harder By Taking More Breaks

Posted by on June 26, 2015

It’s a very common misconception, that to get more done you simply need to work harder. While on the surface this seems like an obvious statement of fact, it does imply that you should do less play and more work.

Increasing the workload on someone is going to cause that person to strain more so than normal. In the short term this might give that person a needed boost to make that deadline. But when a habit and lifestyle begins to form around the ever increasing workload, problems will start to occur.

Balance is key. The way to balance an increasing workload is to increase the amount of play or down time you take. It will be difficult to schedule more play around more work, but it’s the only sustainable way to get more done. Mentally you will want to work harder and will push yourself to do so. But without the addition of more breaks, you will suffer health and lifestyle issues as time goes on.

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